Josh works as an engineer for a tech company in Pittsburgh, helping its website be safe and fast and work on all of your devices. He's a tinkerer who goes through periods of reading a lot and periods of barely reading, and would like to make it a bit more consistent in 2021. He grew up on A Series of Unfortunate Events and Harry Potter, and he loves a variety of genres and formats, including sci-fi, humor, fantasy, history, and business/psychology nonfiction.  His 2020 highlight read was We, the Drowned by Carsten Jensen.


Victoria is a small business owner and all-around creative who is always looking for her next project. Since the 2019 pandemic, she has been spending her time working through her TBR pile and doing her best to make their home a place they want to stay in. In addition to being a cookbook hoarder, she enjoys Literary Fiction, Collected essays or short stories, and Memoir but will try just about anything someone recommends. In 2020 she loved In the Dream House by Carmen Maria Machado, Spoiled Brats by Simon Rich, and Eileen by Otessa Moshfegh